Fidecity is a reliable partner for cities in the development of their smart city projects. We support and guide cities in overcoming obstacles and creating synergies between stakeholders.

Fidecity is also a member of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities.

European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs) are a new approach to EU research and innovation.

EIPs are challenge-driven, focusing on societal benefits and a rapid modernisation of the associated sectors and markets.

EIPs act across the whole research and innovation chain, bringing together all relevant actors at EU, national and regional levels in order to: (i) step up research and development efforts; (ii) coordinate investments in demonstration and pilots; (iii) anticipate and fast-track any necessary regulation and standards; and (iv) mobilise ‘demand’ in particular through better coordinated public procurement to ensure that any breakthroughs are quickly brought to market.


Fidecity has been founded by Frank Van Steenwinkel.

Frank was responsible for technology and architecture direction of the Smart Connected Communities team at Cisco with projects in Europe and the Middle East.

Frank leads the blueprint architecture of the iCity Platform, iCity Project funded by the EU.

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